Terms and Conditions:

Use of Electronic Services Conditions

Children should refer to their parents/legal guardians before browsing the Services.

Parents/legal guardians should read these terms of use and explain how they apply to their children who use these Services.

  1. Application of these Terms and Conditions
    • 1-1    Welcome to Shahid, our electronic Services "Shahid.net", and "Shahid" applications. You can use online video services and watch a range of TV programs, movies, clips and miscellaneous Content (Shahid Service or Services). These Services are operated and maintained by MBC Free Zone LLC, a limited liability company registered in Dubai, UAE (referred to hereinafter as Shahid, We, Our, or Us). Our registered office is located in Building 3, Dubai Media City, P.O. Box 72627, Dubai, UAE.
    • 2-1   These Terms and Conditions of Use (Terms and Conditions) govern the relationship between us and each user of the Services (You). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Services. Your use of these Services indicates your acceptance of these terms and your agreement to be bound by them. If You do not agree to these terms, please do not use the Services.
    • 3-1   Your use of the Services is also subject to our Privacy Policy, which includes information about how We use your personal data. Please read our privacy policy https://shahid.mbc.net/en/privacy-policy before using the Services.
    • 4-1   We may make some changes to these conditions at any time, by setting modified conditions to the Services. You are expected to check this page from time to time to be aware of any changes to these terms. By continuing to use the Services after announcing any changes to these terms, You will be considered to have agreed to those changes.
    • 5-1   These Terms and Conditions shall apply regardless of the type of device used to access the Services (including computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet). These Terms and Conditions shall also apply in the event of access to the Services through any third party sites, provided that You are aware that third party terms and conditions (and their privacy policies) may also apply.
  2. Access to Services
    • 1-2   Access to Services is permitted on a temporary basis. We reserve the right to withdraw or modify the service that We provide on the Services without prior notice. We are not responsible for the unavailability of Services for any reason, at any time and for any period.
    • 2-2    You are responsible for making all necessary arrangements that enable You to access the Services. You are also responsible for identifying all people using the Services through your internet line under these Terms and Conditions and for their adherence to them.
  3. Our Content
    • 1-3    All rights, including without limitation, copyright, database rights and trademarks, to the Services and their Contents, whether audio, text, images, videos or in any other form (Content) are owned by and licensed to us. This Content is also protected by copyright laws and agreements around the world. All of these rights are reserved.
    • 2-3    You agree that your access to the Services is for personal use only and not for public or commercial use. You are not authorized to copy, publish or store in any medium, transmit, broadcast, retransmit, modify or display to the public any portions of the Content without our prior written consent.
    • 3-3    You are authorized to use the Services for personal and non-commercial purposes. You are not authorized to amend the Content or remove any copyright or any proprietary rights notices included in the Content.
    • 4-3    Comments and other Contents included in the Services are not intended to provide advice to rely on. Therefore, We do not accept any responsibility or obligation that may arise from reliance on that Content by any visitor to the Services or any person who is notified of that Content.
    • 5-3   We may change the Content at any time. As and when necessary, We may suspend access to the Services or close them indefinitely. The Content may become outdated at some point and We are not obligated to update that material.
    • 6-3   In the event that You print, copy or download any part of the Services in a manner that constitutes a violation of these conditions, then your right to use the Services shall cease immediately and You shall, at our option, return or destroy any copies of these materials.
    • 7-3    All Shahid trademarks, logos, and registered marks are a registered MBC trademark.
  4. Contributions

    Please read this section carefully before making any contributions to the Services.

    • 1-4   If You are invited to make any contribution to the Services (including any texts, images, videos, or audio recordings), You and your licensee shall remain the owner of that Content and shall grant us permanent, non-exclusive and sub- right, without claiming any copyright throughout the world. You authorize us to use, copy, modify, publish, translate and derive works from, distribute, operate, display, communicate with the public and exercise all copyright and advertising rights in relation to that work and/or combine it with other works in any media outlet currently known or that may be developed later throughout the entire duration of any of those rights granted for that Content, in compliance with the privacy restrictions st out in our Privacy Policy. https://shahid.mbc.net/en/privacy-policy. If You do not agree to grant these rights to us, You must refrain from making any contributions to our Services.
    • 2-4   You are solely responsible for any contribution You make to our Services. Making any contribution to our Services means that You:
      • (1)    Undertake that this contribution is your own work and that You have the right to make it available to Us for use for all of the abovementioned purposes;
      • (2)   You agree to waive any moral rights to your contribution to be provided and posted on the Services and to be used for all the purposes mentioned above;
      • (3)    Your contribution does not violate any third party rights, or restrict or prohibit their use and enjoyment of the Services;
      • (4)    You undertake that your use of the Services and your contribution to it is legal, is not prohibited, does not cause harm or inconvenience to others and does not contain any offensive or offensive material or obstruct the course of normal dialogue within the Services.
    • 3-4    You refrain, and do not encourage any other person, to make or provide any Content that:
      • (1)   May include or urge swearing and/or using unacceptable, degrading, offensive, threatening, violent language or language prejudiced to (religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, origin, age, disability, or physical or mental condition);
      • (2)    May include discussions that encourage, urge, or provide harmful information related to criminal or unlawful practices (including without limitation, pornography, explosives, weapons, violence, drugs, viruses, piracy, or copyright violations);
      • (3)    Includes other Website addresses that contain material that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties;
      • (4)   Breaches any legal duty of a third party, such as contractual or confidentiality obligations;
      • (5)   Includes exchanging phone numbers or home addresses, or harassing other users of the Services (either in private or in public forums);
      • (6)    Includes impersonation of our employees, celebrities, or any other personalities or persons;
      • (7)   Includes the presentation of false or misleading facts;
      • (8)   Includes actions that interfere with, disrupt the effectiveness, or stable security of the Services (including without limitation viruses, sudden crashes, worms, Trojan horses, or any other form of virus);
      • (9)   Includes unsolicited advertisements, offers, unwelcome intrusions or use of the Services for unauthorized commercial purposes;
      • (10)   Includes any references that derogate or disparage us, Services, third parties, or our products and Services;
      • (11)   Includes any Contents that cause harm to us.
    • 4-4   We, at our sole discretion, will determine that there is a breach of Items 4.2 and 4.3 above when You use the Services. In the event of a breach of any of these two items, We will take measures that We deem appropriate, including:
      • (1)   immediate temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use the Services and/or any of its components;
      • (2)   sending a warning to you;
      • (3)   taking legal action against You to compensate us for all costs on the basis of compensation for the breach;
      • (4)   taking further legal action against You;
      • (5)   disclosing the necessary information to law enforcement authorities, as We deem necessary.
      • We exclude our responsibility for actions taken in breach of Items 4.2 and 4.3 above. The responses stated in the above item are unrestricted and We can take any other measures that We think are reasonably appropriate.
    • 5-4    Although We require all users of the Services to adhere to these conditions, You acknowledge that other users may place materials that You consider offensive or inappropriate to the Services. We assume no responsibility or obligation with respect to the Content that such parties may place on the Services, nor does such content reflect our opinions.
  5. Children and Adolescents
    • 1-5   Children and adolescents under the age of eighteen should use these Services with the consent of their parents or legal guardians. Parents or legal guardians of children under the age of eighteen should carefully review these conditions. If You allow your child to use a device to access the Services, view the Content, or listen to it, then You are solely responsible for deciding whether or not these contents are appropriate for your child.
    • 2-5   Contributions submitted and/or read by minors are subject to the approval of their parents or legal guardians. We advise parents or legal guardians who allow minors to use the Services to communicate with them about the importance of safety and caution in using the Internet.
  6. Links
    • 1-6   You may create a link to our home page, provided that this is done in a legal and fair manner and without causing harm to or exploitation of our reputation, except that You may not create that link in a manner that indicates any participation, approval or consent by us, which does not exist.
    • 2-6   You may not create any link from any Services that do not belong to You.
    • 3-6   It is prohibited to place Services on any third party Services, and You may not create a link to any part of the Services other than the home page. We reserve the right to withdraw any permission to create a link without any prior notice.
    • 4-6   If the Services include links to other Websites and sources provided by third parties, those links are provided for viewing only, We have no control over the Contents of these sites or resources, and We do not accept any responsibility for them or for any losses or damages May arise from your use of it.
    • 5-6   If the Services include links to other websites and sources provided by third parties, We do not have any control over the Contents of these sites or sources, and We do not accept any responsibility for them or for any losses or damages that may arise from your use of them.
  7. Fees

    Some Shahid Services are not subject to any fees, while some other Shahid Services require payment of fees by You to use them. We refer to Shahid paid Services as Shahid VIP. You can inquire more about Shahid VIP by visiting Shahid Services. There are additional terms for using Shahid VIP Services, which are stated below. Therefore, if You wish to subscribe to Shahid VIP, please read the additional terms, taking into consideration that the general terms and conditions of Shahid Services remain in effect in addition to the special conditions of Shahid VIP. If You are not a Shahid VIP user, then the terms stated below will not apply to You:

    You can view the details of your subscription to Shahid VIP Services at any time on Shahid Services. You undertake that your Shahid VIP account is for personal use and that it is used for simultaneous broadcasting. You also agree that, for various reasons (including limits of licenses and/or third party rights to the Content), and the ability to view the Content may vary from one device to another.

    • 1-7   Billing
      • When You pay the required fees for Shahid VIP Services subscription via a credit card or any other payment method acceptable to Shahid, You explicitly agree to billing and payment of the yearly, monthly or weekly subscription fees (depending on your subscription plan), other service fees, and any fees and charges, exchange rate and any due taxes arising from your use of this payment method. If You wish to change the payment method and/or change the credit card details, You can and must update your payment information on Shahid Services. Upon the expiry of your credit card and/or any change to your financial information without changing and/or renewing the information and/or cancellation of your subscription, You agree that We will continue to bill You and You will continue to pay our dues, and You also assume your responsibility for any amounts due.
      • You acknowledge that additional fees may be charged (including without limitation: Your internet subscription data offers/subscriptions/etc ...(“Internet charges”) and that You are fully responsible for Internet charges while using the Services as charged by your network/your mobile company/operator.
      • Billing means due and/or debit fees, according to the method of payment You choose. Your subscription falls due at the beginning of your subscription or at the end of the free trial period, whichever is earlier, upon the weekly monthly, or yearly renewal of the subscription (depending on your subscription plan), upon your termination of subscription or your account or suspending or interrupting the Services as stated in these Terms and Conditions. You can track the renewal dates through Shahid Services.
      • We will bill your payments on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis (depending on your subscription plan). A year, month or a week (depending on your subscription plan) begins on the day of your subscription. If your subscription day is not included in a particular year, years, month/months, week/weeks (e.g. the 31st day of a month followed by a month of 30 days), We will invoice You on the last day of this year, month or week (depending on your subscription plan). You agree that the amounts billed on your account may vary from year to year month to month or week to week due to offers, your subscription plan, fees and taxes, and will allow us to bill You at variable rates. We will notify You by email about any change to the amount of your Shahid VIP subscription, except that We will not be able to inform You of any changes to fees and taxes.

      Shahid has the right and absolute discretion to provide You with additional limited rights, and Shahid has the absolute right to decide the quality and number of rights, upon interruption of Shahid Services for technical reasons, provided that the said provision, if any, is and will not be considered as an acquired right to anyone.

    • 2-7    Shahid VIP Gift Cards

      You can purchase gift cards to purchase Shahid VIP Services through Shahid Services using your approved payment method or another means. You cannot use Shahid VIP gift cards in conjunction with any offers, unless the offer clearly so indicates. Shahid VIP gift cards purchase and use are governed by special conditions set out in Shahid VIP gift cards.

    • 3-7   Effective Subscription and Cancellation

      Your Shahid VIP subscription will remain valid on a yearly, monthly or a weekly basis (depending on your subscription plan), unless and until You cancel the subscription or until the interruption and/or suspension of Services under the conditions. You must cancel your subscription to avoid billing You before the yearly, monthly or weekly renewal date (depending on your subscription plan). We will add any fees and/or taxes - if any - to your yearly, monthly or weekly bill (depending on your subscription plan). Upon the cancellation of your subscription, the cancellation applies from the end of the year, month or week (depending on your subscription plan) in which the cancellation took place and no sums paid in this framework will be refunded to You. You can cancel your subscription through Shahid Services.

    • 4-7   Unpaid Amounts

      Shahid reserves all rights to claim any sums related to Shahid VIP that are not paid by You. You remain fully responsible to pay the full amounts, fees, expenses and charges for any transaction and to implement and collect the amounts through any means (collection companies, law firms, arbitration, etc.).

    • 5-7   Free Trial
      • Occasionally, and for some eligible customers, We are allowed to enable using Shahid VIP as a free trial. If You are given a free trial, We will inform You of the terms and duration of the trial. Free trial cannot be combined with any other offers. You can review the free trial terms on Shahid Services.
      • At the end of the free trial period, You will be billed weekly, monthly, or yearly for the subscription plan that You chose by the payment method that You chose (along with any taxes and fees), unless You cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial. Therefore, You must specify the method of payment upon registering for the free trial.
      • You should take note and be aware as Shahid will not inform You about the end of the free trial and the start of billing. Therefore, to avoid billing, You must cancel Shahid VIP subscription before the last day of the free trial. You can cancel your subscription through Shahid Services. Your Shahid VIP subscription will remain valid on a yearly, monthly or a weekly basis (depending on your subscription plan), unless and until You cancel the subscription or until the interruption and/or suspension of Services under the conditions. You can cancel your subscription as stipulated in the Effective Subscription and Cancellation clause. When You subscribe to Shahid VIP through offers to purchase products and/or Services from a third party, You agree that Shahid is not responsible in any way for the products and/or Services provided by the third party.
    • 6-7   Accounts and Registration

      From time to time, We may provide Services that require your registration or opening an account Shahid. In this case, when You open an account with Shahid, the following additional conditions will apply:

      • You are personally responsible for the use of your account by You or any other person. If a third person uses your account, You agree to assume full responsibility for such use and You confirm that the third person will fully comply with the conditions.
      • All information that You provide at your registration must be correct and accurate. You must keep your password confidential. You do not need to disclose your password to any representative of Shahid. Since You remain personally responsible for the use of your account, You must secure, preserve and not share your password. You must inform Shahid Customer Service if You become aware of or suspect any unauthorized use of your account, as well as inform Us of any change to your information and data in case We want to communicate with You.
      • You can cancel your subscription through Shahid Services. If You are subscribed to Shahid VIP, You must cancel Shahid VIP subscription before You can cancel your account. Please see the Effective Subscription and Cancellation Clause above for instructions on how to cancel your Shahid VIP subscription.

      We reserve the right to terminate or prevent the use of your account, your use of Shahid Services or the use of viewing the Content at any time, for any time, without prior warning or responsibility on Shahid, if Shahid suspects or finds, at its own discretion, that You violated any of the conditions, the law, or a law provision, if You have carried out any inappropriate action, or for any other reason. We also reserve the right to terminate your account if this use is a burden on our Services and/or equipment.

    • 7-7   In-App Purchases
      • If You use Shahid app on a device that supports Android operating systems, payment will be made through your Google Play account if the purchase is confirmed.
      • If You use Shahid app on iOS device, payment will be made through your iTunes account if the purchase is confirmed.
      • Subscription fees may vary depending on the country or payment method selected on your Google Play or iTunes account
      • Subscription renewal fee will be automatically deducted, unless the subscription is canceled before the current subscription ends
      • The free trial period will only be granted once for each Google Play or iTunes account.
  8. Our responsibility
    • 1-8   The Content on the Services is provided without any accuracy guarantees, conditions or undertakings.
    • 2-8   As for your use of the Services, We and any of the Group’s companies, officials, managers, employees, shareholders or agents will not assume any responsibility towards the quantity or type of any losses or damages that may be incurred to You or to third parties (including without limitation any direct, indirect, disciplinary or consequential losses or damages, or any losses in revenues, profits, commercial goodwill, data or contracts, use of funds, or losses and damages arising from or related to the disruption of business in any way, whether as a result of tort liability (including without limitation negligence (in contract or otherwise) in connection with the use or inability to use or the consequences of using the Services, including without limitation the damage caused by viruses to your computer equipment, software, data or any property you own, due to your entry, use or browsing of the Services.
    • 3-8   The foregoing does not affect any liability that We cannot exclude or limit under the applicable law.
  9. Indemnification
    • 1-9   You agree to indemnify us and indemnify our subsidiaries, directors, officials, employees, relevant agents, as well as their licensors and suppliers, for and against any and all claims, procedures, demands, or pleadings, as well as any and all of the losses, obligations, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) that arise from:
      • 1-1-9   Any misleading, act or omission by You regarding your use of the Services;
      • 1-2-9   Your non-compliance with any of these terms and conditions.
  10. Jurisdiction and Governing Law
    • 1-10   Dubai Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising out of or in connection with any visit to the Services.
    • 2-10   These terms and any dispute or claim arising from or in connection with these terms, its subject matter or wording (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be subject to the laws of the United Arab Emirates.
  11. Communications

    If You have any questions or concerns about any material that appears on the Services, please inform us through customer service.

Thank you for reading these terms and visiting the Services.